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During the last decade i.e. 2010-2019, the total number of households in the EU increased by 7.0 %. In 2019, the EU-27 recorded 195.0 million households with on average 2.3 members per household. The largest average household size was recorded in Croatia (2.8 members), while the smallest was observed in Sweden (1.8 members), followed by Denmark, Germany, Finland and Estonia (each with 2.0 members). Between 2010 and 2019, only three EU Member States remained stable in terms of household size. Households in the EU had an average size of 2.3 persons in 2016 According to EU-SILC, the average size of private households in the EU-28 was 2.3 persons in 2016. This ratio ranged from highs of 2.8 persons in Croatia, Poland and Slovakia, down to an average of two persons per household in Denmark, Germany, Finland and Sweden The average household size in the European Union in 2019 was 2.3 people per household, ranging from 2.8 people per household in Croatia to 1.8 people per household in Sweden. Four countries outside.. Europe: 8,935,112: 2.27: 3,933,516: 36.34: 44.52: 17.06: 2.08: 2011 Niger: Africa: 23,196,002: 5.92: 3,920,330: 3.19: 19.86: 28.99: 47.96: 2012 Switzerland: Europe: 8,632,703: 2.21: 3,901,112: 37.51: 43.64: 17.23: 1.62: 2000 Portugal: Europe: 10,295,909: 2.66: 3,876,822: 18.91: 56.47: 22.68: 1.93: 2011 Zimbabwe: Africa: 15,473,818: 4.08: 3,795,226: 12.37: 31.14: 33.76: 22.72: 2015 Belarus: Europe: 9,408,400: 2.4 Euro area households' financial wealth consists mostly of liquid assets and pension and life insurance-related assets. Households' financial wealth accounted for some 43% of their total assets on aggregate in the euro area in mid-2019. However, as indirectly shown in Chart 5 above, this share was significantly higher in Germany than in the euro area for much of the period since 1999 and considerably lower in Spain. At the aggregate euro area level, since 1999 households' financial.

Household financial holdings comprise various intangible asset types, such as currency, bank deposits with diverse withdrawal terms, investments in equity, stock, bonds and shares, mutual fund.. Authentic European Outlet in Lebanon that deals with all kinds of household products and appliances. Shop as if you are in Europe In the euro area, households' financial wealth per capita continues to grow, reaching close to €55,000 at the end of the second quarter of 2020. Euro area households' financial wealth consists mostly of liquid assets, such as currency and deposits. It also includes pension savings and insurance instruments. However, a country-level analysis reveals some variations in the use of different. Households, by type of household; Projected households: Germany, years, household size; Families and family members with minor children living in the family ; Couples with and without children ; Unattached people (including people living alone Households headed by women are most common in Northern America (with a median proportion of 47 per cent), followed by Europe (37 per cent), Latin America and the Caribbean (34 per cent) and Oceania..

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  1. As per the latest available figures from Eurostat (2015), almost one in three (32.3%) of all households in the EU are single (one person) households, which represents an increase of 2.3 percentage points since 2007. This figure significantly surpasses the number of two-person households for the first time in history. Importantly, over the same time period, also the proportion of two-person households has increased, from 30% in 2007 to 31.3% in 2015. In fact, these two household.
  2. Malta, Denmark and Luxembourg lead on VHCNs with coverage of at least 90% of homes. Across Europe 78% of households had a fixed broadband subscription in 2019, up from 70% 5 years ago
  3. Europe royal family templates‎ (1 C, 22 P) G House of Grimaldi‎ (14 C, 96 P) H House of Hanover‎ (10 C, 98 P) Hanseatic families whose members were heads of state‎ (4 P) House of Hohenlohe‎ (5 C, 32 P) House of Anjou‎ (5 C, 16 P) House of Zogu‎ (15 P) L House of Lippe‎ (8 C, 102 P) House of Lorraine‎ (14 C, 94 P) M House of Mecklenburg-Brunswick-Romanov‎ (7 P) Merovingian.
  4. The numbers, collected last in 2018, show that a good number of households across Europe came into the pandemic lockdown with inadequate savings. The aftermath of this recession is not yet known, but we know that many households will reach and even cross the poverty line, with corresponding social consequences
  5. Houshold debt is defined as all liabilities of households (including non-profit institutions serving households) that require payments of interest or principal by households to the creditors at a fixed dates in the future. Debt is calculated as the sum of the following liability categories: loans (primarily mortgage loans and consumer credit) and other accounts payable. The indicator is.
  6. The Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS), a joint project of central banks and national statistical institutes of the European Union, provides detaied l household-evl el data on various aspects of household balance sheets and related economic and demographic variables, including income, pensions, employment, gift

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European households: the double dividend of excess savings. 29 April 2021. In 2021, the glut of excess savings could generate a double dividend for the Eurozone: first, a consumption boom of EUR170bn, or 1.5% of GDP. In 2020, gross savings in the Eurozone increased by more than +50%, and excess savings stood at more than EUR450bn, or over 4% of. household sector in the euro area as a whole and in all European Union countries. Statistical sources and methodology . The ECB, together with Eurostat, publishes the integrated euro area sectoral accounts, covering financial and non- financial accounts, from which most of the statistical series shown in this report are derived. Data are compiled in accordance with the methodological framework. gation of 250 vulnerable households, their living conditions and socioeconomic prac-tices across nine European countries on the background of the European crisis since 2008. After refining the concept and developing an analytical framework, threemajor findings are in the focus: First, the concept of resilience proves to be useful and trans Der iShares STOXX Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods UCITS ETF (DE) (nachfolgend vereinfachend 'Fonds') ist ein börsengehandeltes Teilgesellschaftsvermögen (Exchange Traded Fund, ETF), das.

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Across Europe, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to sharp declines in household sentiment and increases in the dispersion of household views about the state of the economy as well as their own individual finances. In contrast, household uncertainty has been left relatively unchanged. This column finds that the drop in household sentiment is larger in countries where th Two years before the pandemic hit, a substantial share of EU households reported that they would be unable to handle unexpected expenses. In some EU countries, many households had savings equivalent to just a few weeks of basic consumption. • We find that one in three EU households is unable to meet an unexpected shock during regular times, let alone during a pandemic. COVID-19-related. Household sector comprises all households, household firms and Non Profit Institutions Serving Households (NPISH) (ESA 2010 codes S14 and S15). Sector accounts are compiled in accordance with European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). Data are expressed in percentage, in non-seasonal adjusted as well as in seasonal and calendar adjusted form

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  1. Europe Household Care Market Outlook. jinThe Europe household care market, along with its professional cleaning and hygiene product industry, reached a total production value of approximately 30 USD billion in 2020.. Read more about this report - REQUEST FREE SAMPLE COPY IN PDF. Germany is the major consumer market of household care products in Europe
  2. EUROPEAN HOUSEHOLD LEADS - Your complete service provider for marketing leads Submit your request and we will be in touch shortly: Pick your service Moving Services Handymen Cleaning Services Internet Electricity Insurance Othe
  3. This report explores the distribution of household wealth in the EU Member States and analyses the role of wealth in social mobility. Using data from three datasets (the Household Finance and Consumption Survey, the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe and the Luxembourg Wealth Study), it focuses on wealth per household member. Wealth composition is compared across social groups.
  4. Household debt, % of net disposable income, 2019 General government debt, % of GDP, 2019 Household debt: 96.2 % of disposable income. Government debt: 68.2 % of GDP. Tax. Tax on personal income, % of GDP, 2019 Tax on personal income: 10.6 % of GDP. Unemployment % of labour force. Sharing options. Facebook; Twitter; E-Mail; Permanent URL. Copy the URL to open this dashboard. Embed code. Use.
  5. iShares STOXX Europe 600 Pers. & Household Goods (DE) (WKN: A0H08N, ISIN: DE000A0H08N1) - Der Fonds bildet die Wertentwicklung des STOXX® Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods (Preisindex) möglichst genau ab. Der Index misst die Wertentwicklung des Europäischen Gebrauchsgütersektors. Er ist ein Teil des STOXX® Europe 600 Index, welcher 600 der größten Aktien aus 18 europäischen.
  6. Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in den EU-Staaten. Das BIP ist einer der wichtigsten Wirtschaftsindikatoren und zeigt die konjunkturelle Entwicklung einer Volkswirtschaft. Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Quartalsdaten für die EU-Staaten. Mehr erfahren. Sinkende Konsumausgaben durch COVID-19 . Die privaten Konsumausgaben gingen in der EU im 1. Quartal 2020 preis-, saison- und kalenderbereinigt um 4.
  7. One in three households in the EU are unable to afford such an expense. The corresponding figure in Greece is 50%, which puts the country in the third worst position after Latvia and Croatia. Half the households surveyed deem themselves unable to find the resources they would need to cope with an unexpected expense within a month, estimated by experts at 375 euros in the case of Greece. The.

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In Germany, the average household net adjusted disposable income per capita is USD 34 294 a year, higher than the OECD average of USD 33 604. Household net wealth is the total value of a household's financial and non-financial worth, such as money or shares held in bank accounts, the principal residence, other real estate properties, vehicles, valuables and other non-financial assets (e.g. The number that is usually cited for the average American household is 300,000 items, and 10,000 for the average European household. Unfortunately, these articles don't provide any reliable source for their numbers (the LA Times article quoted below is sometimes named as a source, but that article itself just names a professional organizer as their reference)

Der iShares STOXX Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods (DE) ist ein börsengehandelter Indexfonds (Exchange Traded Fund, ETF), der möglichst genau die Wertentwicklung vom STOXX® Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods Index abbildet. Der ETF investiert direkt in die im Index enthaltenen Wertpapiere. Der Index bietet Zugang zum europäischen Sektor für Konsumgüter und Haushaltswaren, wie ihn. UK households have suffered a bigger income shock during the Covid-19 crisis than their French and German counterparts, and are more likely to have run up debts, according to research highlighting. Household in which an adult female is the sole or main income producer and decision-maker. female-headed households | European Institute for Gender Equality Skip to language switche Check out our infographic to find out which sectors and countries waste the most food and read what is being done at EU level and what you can do yourself. Food is lost and wasted along the whole supply chain from farms to processing and manufacturing to shops, restaurants and at home. However most of the food in the EU is wasted by households with 53% and processing with 19%. Consumers are.

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The IMF publishes a range of time series data on IMF lending, exchange rates and other economic and financial indicators. Manuals, guides, and other material on statistical practices at the IMF, in member countries, and of the statistical community at large are also available Single-person households will become a major consumption group. Households populated by one person are skyrocketing around the world. Over 2016-2030, single-person households will see faster growth than any other household type globally, with around 120 million new single person homes to be added over the period households in the European Union in 2050 Authors: Chelsea Baldino, Jane O'Malley, Stephanie Searle (ICCT), Adam Christensen (Three Seas Consulting) Keywords: low-carbon heating, household heating cost, hydrogen, renewable electricity, fuel cell, hydrogen boiler, heat pump, hybrid heat pump, electrolysis, steam methane reforming Summary In light of the European Commission's proposal to. Decarbonization options for households in the European Union in 2050. Working paper . Published: 2021.03.10 By . Chelsea Baldino, Jane O'Malley, Stephanie Searle (ICCT), Adam Christensen (Three Seas Consulting) Hydrogen-heating-eu-feb2021.pdf. This study compares the cost of several low-greenhouse gas (GHG) or GHG-neutral residential heating technologies in the year 2050: (1) hydrogen. The average American or Canadian household in 2010 used about twenty times more than the typical Nigerian household, and two to three times more than a typical European home. In the US typical household power consumption is about 11,700 kWh each year, in France it is 6,400 kWh, in the UK it is 4,600 kWh and in China around 1,300 kWh

Financial assets held by households ( 37.8 trillion euro) ( 1,657 trillion yen ) ( 25.1 trillion euro) ( 1,845 trillion yen ) Currency and deposits (34.9%) Currency and deposits (13.7%) Currency and deposits (54.2%) Debt securities (2.0%) Debt securities (6.0%) Debt securities (1.4%) Investment trusts (8.7%) Investment trusts (12.3%) Investment trusts (3.4%) Equity (17.2%) Equity (32.5%. Households: Global shifts in gender, ageing, migration, housing and education are transforming the size, location and general make-up of households around the globe, with diverse implications for governments and companies. Households insights can help identify the decision-making processes and consumption tastes of different household groups within a country, and assess household appliance and. Children in jobless households across Europe: Evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes Paul Gregg1, John Jerrim2, Lindsey Macmillan3 and Nikki Shure4 Abstract The proportion of children living in a jobless household is a key indicator of social exclusion across Europe. Yet there is little existing evidence on the extent to which this measure of childhood deprivation is. In total 4,500 households participated in the second wave. Of those, about 2,200 households had also taken part in wave one. Between March and November 2017 the third wave of the PHF survey was conducted with almost 5,000 participating households. The fourth wave is scheduled to start in spring 2021

Procter & Gamble Europe household product info site ← Home Weitere Informationen zur Etikettierung Ihres Wasch- und Reinigungsmittels und zu deren Bedeutung Gebrauchsanweisung Febreze/Ambi Pur Regulierbarer Stecke Urbanisation increases household carbon footprints in developing economies. However, the results from developed countries have varied, particularly in Europe. This study provides a coherent comparison of the impact of the degree of urbanisation on income, expenditure and carbon footprints in Europe. On average, carbon footprints are 7% lower in cities than in rural areas when income and.

In 2006, one-person households accounted for 28.9% of all households in Western Europe, 26.7% in North America and 25.7% in Australasia; In Eastern European countries, the socialist legacy with abundant housing and the modern trend of young professionals delaying marriage has also contributed to the relatively high proportion of one-person households. In 2006, 22.0% of all households in. Households in western Germany changed their provider at a rate slightly above the national average, whereas eastern customers stayed far below it. Real power prices range in European mid-table Although in early 2019 they paid the highest nominal power prices of all customers in Europe, a stable majority of Germans continued support the Energiewende and said they consider it generally.

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For an average household, the EU Energy Label is widely used in shops and is broadly recognisable by most people. Ecodesign is different, it acts invisibly, delivering economic and qualitative benefits to consumers. Consumers certainly appreciate lower energy bills because of these energy savings and the qualitative benefits of less noise, less hassle, better health and comfort, and less water. Households Debt In the Euro Area increased to 61.50 percent of GDP in the third quarter of 2020 from 60.40 percent of GDP in the second quarter of 2020. Households Debt To GDP in the Euro Area averaged 57.32 percent of GDP from 1999 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 64.30 percent of GDP in the fourth quarter of 2009 and a record low of 46.50 percent of GDP in the first quarter of 1999 Middle-income households in Western Europe and in the U.S. are in the highest income tiers globally, and most lower-income households in these countries would be in the global middle class. Some of the report's findings may reflect the impact of the Great Recession of 2007-2009 that was felt across the U.S. and Western Europe, perhaps most deeply in Ireland , Italy and Spain 8 of the top 9 countries by households with television are European. Democratic Republic of the Congo has ranked last for households with television since 2001. Greece ranked first for households with television amongst European Union in 2004. 6 of the top 7 countries by households with television are High income OECD. Spain ranked second for households with television amongst Eurozone in 2005. The report, the household appliances market in Europe 2018-2022, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market

Household saving is defined as the difference between a household's disposable income and its expenditures on goods and services. During the pandemic it rose to historical highs everywhere. Interstitial. Close. Menu; Search; Global Finance Magazine. Global news and insight for corporate financial professionals. Current Issue. May 2021. Editor's Letter; Capex Takes Center Stage; Making The. There was more money given to U.S. households, but households in Europe are less worried, because protection is more systematic, more predictable. You know what will happen to you, said Jean. ISHARES STOXX EUROPE 600 PERSONAL & HOUSEHOLD GOODS UCITS ETF (DE): alle wichtigen Informationen zum ISHARES STOXX EUROPE 600 PERSONAL & HOUSEHOLD GOODS UCITS ETF (DE) Fonds: Kurs, Chart.

all European households, rural or urban, to have access to internet connectivity offering a download speed of at least 100 Mbps, upgradable to Gigabit speed. EU financial support to broadband infrastructures 09. The European Commission estimated in 2013 that up to 250 billion euro will be required to achieve the 2020 broadband targets 11. However, the re-use of existing infrastructure and. The Europe touch screen for household appliances market was valued at US$ 146.0 million in 2020 and is projected to reach US$ 402.3 million by 2028; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.0% from.

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Staff members whose place of employment is outside the territory of the EU Member [...] States shall be entitled for [...] themselves and, if they are entitled to receive the household allowance, for their spouse and other dependants within [...] the meaning of Article 2, in each [...] calendar year, to repayment of travel expenses to their place of origin, or to repayment of travel expenses. Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey Roma - Selected findings. Roma; Equality, non-discrimination and racism; Some 80% of Roma surveyed live below their country's at-risk-of-poverty threshold; every third Roma lives in housing without tap water; every third Roma child lives in a household where someone went to bed hungry at least once in the previous month; and 50% of. R & B Households and Kitchenware. 1,470 likes · 12 talking about this. Kitchen/Cookin

Figures speak for themselves: these measures can save European households on average €150 per year and contribute to energy savings equal to annual energy consumption of Denmark by 2030. It is with concrete steps such as these that Europe as a whole is embracing the circular economy to the benefit of citizens, our environment and European businesses. European Commissioner for Climate. Demographic change, social progress and economic cycles have impacted household composition in Europe. This report provides an overview of household types in the European Union, how they have changed over the period 2007-2017 and how household type relates to outcomes in terms of living conditions and well-being - such as life satisfaction, the feeling of social exclusion an Forecasts for 2023 show that across the EU, the median wealth per adult is on the rise. However, it is still unclear if the distribution of wealth will become more balanced in the future. Germany tops the ranking of EU countries with the highest number of millionaires holding more than $50 mln of wealth In Europe, the household savings rate declined by much less than in the United States, but gains from holdings were less significant. In Japan, the flow of savings was offset by considerable capital losses from real estate and financial holdings. Finally, the ratio of total household wealth net of liabilities to disposable income before capital consumption rose over the five years by nearly 80. Households in Europe* This paper investigates the determinants of residential mobility of older households (above 50 years old) and the adjustment of housing for those who move employing individual data from the European Community Household Panel. Although homeowners are less likely to move compared to renters, an increase in mobility rates is observed for older age homeowners. Moreover.

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ETF Strategie - COMSTAGE STOXX® EUROPE 600 PERSONAL & HOUSEHOLD GOODS ETF ETF - Aktuelle Kursdaten, Nachrichten, Charts und Performanc He outlined several features of North-Western European households in the Early Modern era, subsuming them under the label of the Western family pattern. He then considered large parts of what is often referred to as East-Central Europe (Latvia and Estonia in the North, Poland, the Czech lands, northeastern Austria, and also Transdanubian Hungary) 26 as belonging to a hypothesized. One third (34 percent) of households in the EU were single-person households without children in 2017, up from 31 percent in 2010, according to Eurostat figures published on Friday. Sweden tops the chart with over half (51 percent) single households, followed by Denmark (44 percent) and Lithuania (43 percent) The EU passenger car fleet grew by 4.5% over the last five years; the number of vehicles on the road went from 241 to 252 million . There are over 6 million trucks on the EU's roads. With almost 1 million trucks, Poland has the largest fleet in the EU . Greek trucks are the oldest, with an average age of 18.7 years . In Hungary, nearly half of all households do not have a car. By contrast.

DUBLIN, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Europe: Market of Plastic Household Products and the Impact of COVID-19 in the Medium Term report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering. Each dot corresponds to an estimate for one settlement in Europe, North America, Japan or Britain. 1 The share of one-person households remained fairly steady between the early modern period and through the 19th century - typically below 10% In this article we evaluate the average energy requirement of households in 11 EU member states. By investigating both the direct (electricity, natural gas, gasoline, etc.) and the indirect energy requirement, i.e. the energy embodied in consumer goods and services, we add to research done on only the direct household energy requirement

Europe. Violence against women. Female genital mutilation. Secure access to land assets. Political representation. Girl child marriage. Social Institutions and Gender Index 2019. Social Institutions and Gender Index 2019. SEA. Gender, Institutions and Development Database 2014 (GID-DB) Gender, Institutions and Development Database 2014 (GID-DB) Legal age of marriage. Early Marriage. Parental. METHODS: Data from the School Children Mental Health in Europe cross-sectional survey in six countries (n = 4582) were used to examine the association between three-generation households and child mental health across Europe. The parent and teacher Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire was combined to assess child mental clinical problems. RESULTS: Overall, 25.13% of European families live.

Differences in Euro-Area Household Finances and their Relevance for Monetary-Policy Transmission. Abstract . This paper quantifies the extent of heterogeneity in consumption responses to changes in real interest rates and house prices in the four largest economies in the euro area: France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. We first calibrate a life-cycle incomplete-markets model with a financial. Energy efficiency trends for households in the EU . Energy efficiency, as measured by ODEX, improved by around 29% (1.9%/year) over the period 2000-2018 (ODEX equal 71 in 2018), mainly thanks to improvement in space heating. Significant slowdown since 2015. ODEX aggregates energy efficiency gains by end-use, measured by the reduction in unit consumption. ODEX is calculated on the basis of 11. Whether you're a traveler, a pet owner or simply the chief financial officer of your household, here's what to keep on your Brexit watch-list over the coming months. Driving in Europe. During. In EU comparison, Hungarian households spend a lot on food- I mean, most of their expenses, 17.3 per cent, are paid on food. The EU average is only 13 per cent, and in the leading Ireland, only 8.6 per cent of the population spending has gone to this end. The weight of food spending is not primarily affected by how much food is consumed in a given country, nor even by how expensive food is. Households: Norway. May 2021. Norwegians are expected to continue enjoying one of the highest disposable income per household levels among Western European countries over 2021-2040, thanks to high access to quality education and high-value-added jobs

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The European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) provides data on credit to households, including outstanding consumer credit, loans for house purchases, loans to non-financial corporations and annual household consumption expenditures. Ratios of household debt are illustrated in graph format. Coverage is for these countries: 28 EU member states; 4 EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway. 1.2. European regions show different consumption behaviour. Based on the Eurostat data available for the households' electricity consumption3 during the period 2000-2012, 3 major groups of countries may be identified. The first group with the highest electricity consumptions of over 10 Mtoe, comprises France, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK).The second group, with consumptions in the range.

The bank interest rate statistics cover those rates that resident monetary financial institutions apply to euro-denominated deposits and loans by households and non-financial corporations that are residents of the euro area. These statistics are used for the analysis of monetary developments and the monetary transmission mechanism as well as for the monitoring of financial stability Households in Turkey saw the biggest jump in electricity prices in Europe in the second half of 2019 both in euros and national currency The total price fell 5.8% on an annual scale in Greece, the most after Denmark in domestic currency, and landed at EUR 15.5 per 100 kWh

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European survey to analyze household finances.The data from the survey have been recently published by the ECB. Besides documenting average MPCs across countries , we also use methods , which allow us to analyze the distribution of MPCs beyond the mean while keeping the micro perspective alive. We find that the MPC is lowest − at about 33% − in the Netherlands and Portugal and highest. Climate change mitigation measures linked to households' energy consumption have huge greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reduction potential and positive impact on energy poverty reduction. However, measures such as renovation of residential buildings or installation of micro generation technologies based on renewable energy sources have not realized their full energy saving and GHG emission.

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Position of European Bioplastics Europea ioplastic .V Marienstr 9/2 011 erlin. Marienstr +49.30.2 0 +49.30.2 9 info@european-bioplastics.org www.european-bioplastics.org phone fax e-mail web V 999 z mtsgerich harlottenburg -IdNr E235874231 HypoVereinsban osenheim L 1 0 7 ont 356800 BA E 11 07 00 56 0 IC/SWIF YVEDEMM448 Municipalities usually treat separately collected organic waste (kitchen. European Commission. Press release. Brussels, 9 July 2014. State aid: Commission approves exemptions from Danish tax on advertising to households. The European Commission has found a series of reductions and exemptions from a Danish tax on non-nominative advertising material delivered to households, to be in line with EU state aid rules To reach the target of an almost carbon neutral building stock in the European Union by 2050, as proposed by the low-carbon roadmap, it is crucial to include all residential buildings and their inhabitants into these efforts. However, at the moment, only a few energy efficiency policies in Europe focus on or actively include low-income households, which represent about 17 % of households in.

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Title Estimates of European food waste levels Authors Åsa Stenmarck (IVL), Carl Jensen (IVL), Tom Quested (WRAP), leading to negative impacts throughout the food supply chain including households. There is a pressing need to prevent and reduce food waste to make the transition to a resource efficient Europe. However, the data behind these figures comes from different sources, which use a.

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